IdM Customizations

With external security taken care by firewalls and anti-virus programs, the primary worry for many IT security heads is internal security, and how to safe-guard and secure data within the enterprise. The only solution for this is identity management that ensures an effective and secure usage of enterprise applications and periodically keeps records of who accessed what and when.

Enterprises choose them because of their robust and well-defined process in managing applications. In addition to this, Identity Management Systems

let's you


Idm Solutions are robust having well-defined process in managing applications.


Deploying an IdM solution makes sure that internal data is secure but the key is managing and configuring the IdM solution periodically according to the enterprise needs.

Based on your enterprise needs, new applications are added or deleted, and you might need to configure the application for provisioning and de-provisioning needs. And adding to these, you may need pre-post scripts to perform routine IdM activities. These tasks must be done very meticulously under the supervision of well-trained IdM professionals. Enterprises that have CA or Oracle identity management solutions seek support from the solution providers for


We also offer Support to your existing IdM solution