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It takes just a small change in thought to change the way we perceive things. Tech Indya has a well balanced portfolio of Applications, IT Consulting, Solutions, Infrastructure services and Consulting solutions that offer high returns on IT investments.

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Tech Indya strongly believe that understanding our clients’ businesses – especially over the course of long-term partnerships – gives us the ability to deliver value well beyond successful project execution. We identify opportunities to provide competitive advantages to our clients by leveraging the latest technology.

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  • Today the design outsourcing business is already growing at a good pace, but the shortage of appropriately skilled labour across many industries is emerging as a significant and complex challenge to India's growth and future.

    Automotive companies are striving for solutions to build products more quickly and more efficiently. Tech Indya helps automotive industries in addressing their engineering needs and challenges through a wide range of design solutions and services as well as skilled technical engineering resource.

    We have a pool of resumes of engineers and draughtsman having experience in design and drafting using various software such as Cadamatic, Catia, Solid Edge, Solid Works, ANSA, etc.

    Our Resources are expert in:
     Automotive Interior & Exterior Design
     Product Design
     Reverse Engineering
     Mould Design



  • eLearning has gone through rapid and unprecedented changes, following the profound advances in technology and, according to Education Sector Factbook 2012, eLearning is expected to grow at an average of 23% in the years 2013-2017.

    Emergence of eLearning has brought in new opportunities for students, educational institutions and corporations. Tech Indya assists them in benefiting from programs that yield higher levels of engagement and better ROI.

    Generally speaking, learning is expensive, takes a long time and the results can vary. E-learning has been trying for years now to complement the way we learn to make it more effective and measurable.

    The result now being that there are a number of tools that help create interactive courses, standardize the learning process and/or inject informal elements to otherwise formal learning processes.



  • With the ever increasing use of mobile phones and tablets, mobile advances, such as applications, sensors, remote monitoring devices, and electronic resources, are changing how individuals interact with their physicians, gain access to medical care, and take responsibility for their health.

    The Healthcare finally seems ready to benefit from big data, cloud services and other disruptive technologies that have dramatically changed other vertical industries.

    Tech Indya understands the challenges of the Healthcare industry and has designed innovative technology solutions to address the needs of the healcare industry. We provide innovative IT services and solutions to healthcare organizations worldwide that help them set new standards in efficiency.



  • Increased competition, health care reform, difficulty bringing new drugs to market and many other challenges face pharmaceutical companies. Technology is a fundamental component of meeting those challenges. A recent report entitled, “Technology Vision: What It Means for Life Sciences,” found the following five technology trends that will reshape the pharmaceutical industry over the next three to five years.

    The pharma industry is expanding its use of outsourcing to include more strategic industry-specific activities, creating emerging markets for service providers.

    The Cloud market is no longer just for sales and marketing teams. Companies are using it to meet IP and security issues, and to cut down on operational costs. Additionally, the report found that many pharmaceutical companies are switching to “PaaS” or “Platform as a Service.” This platform allows the use of applications without the cost and complication of buying and managing hardware, software or hosting services. There is no doubt health care and technology are undergoing a major evolution. Pharmaceutical companies that are able to adapt and innovate will continue to see success.


Travel & Hospitality

  • The travel and hospitality industry has topped the list of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets since the earliest days of the web. Consumers and business travelers alike are hooked on the utter convenience and cost advantages of researching travel options and booking online. But the ease with which travelers can find the lowest possible fare or rate has forced commoditization of the industry and cut deeply into industry profits.

    Our technology solutions enable you to assist your customers with flight, hotel, and vacation package selections, provide timely support and service, and identify, target, and sell to customers most receptive to high-value offers.

    Tech Indya empowers the travel & hospitality industry to embrace challenges successfully by designing innovative technology solutions to address needs of the industry. We provide innovative IT services and solutions to healthcare organizations that help them set new standards in efficiency.

    Key Benefits:
     Reduce costs
     Tune your online marketing for success.
     Identify and target high-value visitors
     Increase online booking rates